Terms & conditions

Terms of Sales

Please read the following information carefully:

  1. Object

These general conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the reservation of services offered by Orient Beach Hotel.

They govern all the stages of the reservation and the follow-up of the reservation between the contracting parties.

Any reservation therefore implies on the part of the client full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.

Any client acknowledges having the capacity to contract, that is to say having the legal majority and not being under curatorship or tutorship.

**** COVID-19 ****

In this period of health crisis we would like to inform our customers of two specific elements of our General Conditions of Sale:

Flexibility: Please read article 7 of these GTC

Responsibility: Please read article 9 of these GTC

  1. Scope

These general conditions of sale apply to all reservations.

  1. Opposability of general conditions

In any event, the version of the general conditions of sale opposable to the customer is the one valid at the time of his reservation.

  1. Booking

Reservations can be made via the website, by telephone, by e-mail, by mail or directly at the hotel.

The reservation is be effective only if it is guaranteed by the client by communicating a valid credit card number with expiration date, or by payment of a deposit, and after receiving a detailed booking confirmation from the hotel.

Payment for all services will be made directly to the establishment (exceptions made for prepaid reservations at the time of booking).

The establishment reserves the right to refuse any reservation in the event that the credit card number is incorrect or the reservation is incomplete.

When registering the reservation, a debit authorization from the credit card may be carried out. This will be done for information purposes, and will in no case be a debit from the account, except in the following cases:

– Promotional offer “not cancellable – non refundable”.

– If the expiration date of the credit card is earlier than the date of arrival.

– If the arrival date is more than 30 days from the reservation date.

The customer is solely responsible for his choice of services and their adequacy to his needs, so that the responsibility of the establishment cannot be sought in this regard.

  1. Payment

When registering, the client must present the credit card which has enabled him to guarantee the reservation, or to make the prepayment, as well as a valid identity document. A copy will be kept in the client’s file for the duration of his stay.

The debit of the payment is made at the establishment during the stay, except in the case of special conditions or rates where the debit of the payment is made during the reservation (online prepayment on certain rates). This prepayment is called a deposit.

In the case of a non-prepaid online rate, the establishment may ask the customer, upon arrival, for a security deposit or authorization to debit the credit card, in order to guarantee payment of the sums corresponding to the services consumed on site.

In this case, the reservation becomes firm and final only upon receipt of the deposit by the establishment, within the time limits.

Payment of the balance of the stay will be made on site at the establishment.

  1. Modification / cancellation of stay

Any modification made to the dates of the stay will result in the cancellation of the original reservation and a new reservation will be made. The rates in effect at the time of the new reservation will apply to the new reservation, which may affect the total price of the stay. The customer will receive a confirmation after the new reservation. The modification request will not become effective until the establishment has confirmed its acceptance in writing.

The total price of the stay may include discounts or special promotional rates. The same discounts and special promotional rates may not apply to the new booking as the rates depend in part on the time the booking is confirmed.

The deposit only applies to the exact nights that were originally reserved; any modification may cause the customer to lose all or part of his deposit.

Any cancellation of a reservation must be requested by email at the establishment or by telephone. The request will not become effective until the establishment has confirmed its acceptance in writing.

In case of cancellation / modification of stay, the conditions on the confirmation apply (except in cases of force majeure):

Any stay started is entirely due

  1. Force majeure

Force majeure means “any event external to the parties that is both unpredictable, insurmountable and external to the parties, which prevents either the client or the establishment from ensuring all or part of the obligations provided for in the contract”.

Are considered as force majeure or fortuitous event those usually recognized by the jurisprudence of French Courts and Tribunals.

Each party cannot be held responsible towards the other party in the event of non-fulfillment of its obligations resulting from an event of force majeure.

It is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends, for the parties, the execution of their reciprocal obligations and that each party bears the burden of the costs arising there from.

**** In the case of COVID-19, the establishment accepts last minute modifications and cancellations of stay if a new confinement or a restriction of circulation had to be decided by the French government ****

  1. Prices

The prices indicated only include the services strictly mentioned in the reservation.

To the price mentioned in the reservation will be added, upon check out, the additional services provided by the establishment during the stay and, if applicable, the taxes.

The applicable prices are those valid on the day of booking. Establishments, independent professionals, are free to vary their prices at any time. Only the price indicated in the booking confirmation is contractual.

The total price of the stay may include discounts or special promotional rates. This rate is only guaranteed if the conditions of the discount / special promotional rates are met. The same discounts and special promotional rates may not apply to a new reservation because the rates depend in part on the time when the reservation is made.

  1. Responsibilities

It is up to the Establishment to take all guarantees and all insurance necessary for the reception of the public in its Establishment and the exercise of its activity.

The establishment’s liability is limited in the event of theft of goods or objects when they have been entrusted to its care only.

The customer must ensure the safekeeping of his goods and materials. The customer must inform the establishment of any deterioration from which he is responsible. He is responsible for all the damage caused by him and undertakes, in the event of deterioration of the places made available, (bedroom, common areas such as swimming pool, garden, lounge, sanitary facilities, etc. ) and agrees to bear the costs.

Also, any behavior contrary to morality, public order, or considered to endanger the life of others will cause the establishment to ask the customer to leave the establishment without any compensation and / or without any refund if a settlement has already been done. In the event that no payment has yet been made, the customer must pay the price of the nights consumed before leaving the establishment.

****Our establishment makes every effort to limit the spread of viruses, including COVID19. As such, customers, if they wish to, will have access to temperature measurement equipment. Anyone circulating in the establishment has the obligation to respect the barrier gestures. If this is not possible, they are invited to wear personal protection.

In case of symptoms related to COVID19, our customers will be invited to consult a doctor. An isolation space will be made available to infected clients, or they will be redirected to departmental reception and isolation structures.****

The customer undertakes not to invite any person whose behavior is likely to prejudice the establishment, the latter reserving the right to intervene if necessary The customer undertakes to ensure respect by participants and their guests , all of the establishment’s rules and regulations (including the ban on smoking). The client will take care that the participants do not disturb the operation of the establishment nor jeopardize the security of the establishment as well as the people who are there.

Unless expressly informed otherwise, the client must vacate the room before noon on the day the reservation ends. Otherwise, he will be billed for an additional night.

Orient Beach Hotel offers free WIFI for customers to connect to the internet. The customer undertakes that the resources made available by the establishment are in no way used for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or neighboring rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without the authorization of the holders of the rights provided for in books I and II of the intellectual property when this authorization is required. If the client does not comply with the aforementioned obligations, he would risk being accused of an offense of counterfeiting (article L.335-3 of the intellectual property code), punishable by a fine of 300,000 euros and three years imprisonment. The customer is also required to comply with the security policy of the establishment’s internet service provider, including the rules for using the security means implemented in order to prevent the illicit use of resources. computer systems and to refrain from any act that undermines the effectiveness of these means.

The establishment strives to provide all the amenities and services described in its documentation, on its website or those of its partners. However, due to unavailability or technical difficulties, he may not be able to provide – or be forced to substitute – certain items or services.

The photographs presented on the website and the Mobile Services and documentation of the establishment or those of partners have a merely indicative value. Even if all the best efforts are made so that the photographs, graphic representations and the texts reproduced to illustrate the establishment presented give an overview as exact as possible of the accommodation services offered, variations may occur, in particular due to the change of furniture or any renovations.

Orient Beach Hotel will do its utmost to honor specific requests such as a specific room number or the type of bed. However, these requests cannot be guaranteed in advance.

The establishment cannot be held responsible for the non-execution or poor execution of the reservation in the event of force majeure, due to the third party, unpredictable and insurmountable, due to the customer, in particular the unavailability of the Internet network, impossibility access to the website, external intrusion, computer viruses or in the event of prepayment not authorized by the bearer’s bank.

  1. Relocation

In the event of an exceptional event or the impossibility of making the reserved room available to the client or in the event of force majeure, the establishment reserves the right to have the client fully or partially accommodated in an establishment of equivalent category, for similar benefits.

The possible additional cost of the room, transport between the two establishments and a telephone call remain the responsibility of the establishment.

  1. Animals and Smoking Policy

For safety reasons, Orient Beach Hotel cannot accept pets in the rooms or in the public areas of the hotel.

Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and public areas of the hotel. Smoking is only allowed outside the building. Cleaning fees may be charged for non-compliance with this policy.

  1. Applicable right

These conditions of sale are subject to French and European laws.